Secret Origins: Brandon Zuern - Episode 002

It's the launch of "Secret Origins", where we talk to comic-folk about how they got into comics and how they got to where they're at as collector, creator, comic retail pro, etc, et al. We start off by visiting with the manager of what's been our longtime LCS (Local Comic Shop, for you new kids). Get to know Comic Book Brando, our own Brandon Z! Learn about Austin Books and Comics, its sister stores, and two guys discussing the winding paths to comics fandom.

The Center of Austin Fandom below...!

the exterior of Outlaw Moon

Vintage TIE Fighter

I *loved* this playset as a kid

Guzu Gallery

Ye Olde vintage sign

Austin Books and Comics proper

The Showcase Comics area

Graphic novels and collections

a variety of comics, graphic novels, etc.. indie, Manga, kids, etc...

new releases by Big Two and genre

Hulk, back issues and (if you look) Silver Surfer
There's also an area for toys, another for statues, Pops, etc...  it's a giant shop


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