Christmas with The Kryptonian Thought-Beast - 2019!

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To see images of most of the comics discussed, and links with further info about our recommendations, scroll on down.  

Brandon Z and Ryan talk about how comics have embraced Christmas over the years, from the cute to the weird and everything in-between. We also make some practical recommendations for folks who want to gift some comics this holiday season.


General Joe Hill's DC Comics lineY: The Last Man100 BulletsFablesThe SandmanWatchmen Batman Batman: Year OneBatman: The Dark Knight ReturnsBatman: The Long HalloweenBatman:  Court Of Owls StorylineBatman:  Tom King's runBatman: The Killing JokeAdventure Time by Brandon! For Kids BoneAmuletDog ManRaina Telgemeir comics

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Secret Origins: Brandon Zuern - Episode 002

It's the launch of "Secret Origins", where we talk to comic-folk about how they got into comics and how they got to where they're at as collector, creator, comic retail pro, etc, et al. We start off by visiting with the manager of what's been our longtime LCS (Local Comic Shop, for you new kids). Get to know Comic Book Brando, our own Brandon Z! Learn about Austin Books and Comics, its sister stores, and two guys discussing the winding paths to comics fandom.

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