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"Superman: The Movie" (1978) w Ryan and Stuart

Ryan is joined by fellow Superman super-fan, StuartW, as they take on the 1978 superhero film that made the world believe a man can fly. It's a discussion of how lightning was caught in a bottle and set a template that the better superhero films still emulate. It's a geek-out fan-fest as Stuart and Ryan fly high into the movie that maybe both of them have seen way, way too many times.   The Signal Watch PodCast · 100: "Superman: The Movie" (1978) - a Super Film selection with Ryan and Stuart!

"Superman II" (1981) w/ Stuart and Ryan

Everyone loves "Superman II", or at least that's how they remember it. Listen in as two guys who have seen this movie way, way too many times, read too much about it and - frankly - thought more about it than an adult person probably should set about discussing the follow-up to the super-tastic "Superman: The Movie". This one has the big bad-guy fight! But also, weird powers, a shiny disco bed, and will the real Gene Hackman please stand up?   The Signal Watch PodCast · 104: "Superman II" (1981) - a Super Film Selection with Ryan and Stuart