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Podcast: "Wonder Woman 1984" w/ Stuart, Jamie and Ryan

spoiler: the movie was not released in October Watched:  12/25/2020 Format:  HBOmax Viewing:  First Decade: 2020's Director:  Patty Jenkins For more ways to listen Our elite team of nerds comes together to discuss the hottest ticket on HBOmax and at the cinema. Is she a wonder? Has the world been waiting for her? We try to step inside the characters as we ponder what the film did and why, and, does it work? If you WISH someone could get to the bottom of this film - look no further! We're in our satin tights fighting for the right answers!  The Signal Watch PodCast · 134: "Wonder Woman 1984" (2020) a Kryptonian Thought Beast episode w/ Stuart, Jamie and Ryan Music:   Themyscira - Hans Zimmer, Wonder Woman 1984 Soundtrack