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PODCAST: "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" and "Loki" (2021) - Marvel PodCast w/ Jamie and Ryan

Format:  Disney+ Decade:  2020's Director(s):   Kari Skogland   and  Kate Herron For more ways to listen Jamie and Ryan catch up on two Marvel shows that made their way to Disney+, looking forward from the Infinity Saga, and maybe... sideways from the Infinity Saga? It's a far-ranging discussion of Marvel's efforts to bring their characters to living rooms everywhere, one week at a time. Maybe too much discussion for one podcast, but you get what you pay for. The Signal Watch PodCast · 156: "Falcon and Winter Soldier" & "Loki" (2021) - a Marvel Television Podcast w/ Jamie and Ryan Music: Louisiana Hero -  Henry Jackman, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier OST TVA -  Natalie Holt, Loki OST Marvel at Signal Watch: The Signal Watch PodCast · Avengers Chronological Countdown (w/ Jamie and Ryan)

"Black Widow" (2021) - a Marvel podcast w/ Jamie and Ryan

Watched:  07/09/2021 Format:  Disney+ Premier Access Viewing:  First Decade:  2020's Director:   Cate Shortland For more ways to listen Hey! We watched the latest installment in the ever-expanding Marvel media monolith! And we had so much to say, we came back and added a few more minutes to the end. Join us as we rush in to talk about our favorite Avenger from behind the iron curtain! It's a family affair as we meet the folks Natasha grew up with, and go home again to meet the world's worst sorority. The Signal Watch PodCast · 154: "Black Widow" (2021) Avengers Countdown w/ Jamie and Ryan Music: Natasha's Lullaby - Lorne Balfe, Black Widow OST American Pie - Don McLean Marvel Movie Discussion The Signal Watch PodCast · Avengers Chronological Countdown (w/ Jamie and Ryan)

Doc Watch: Chris Claremont's X-Men (2018)

Watched:  08/02/2021 Format:  YouTube Viewing:  First Decade:  2010's Director:   Patrick Meaney Chris Claremont didn't invent the X-Men , but he did turn them from a middling Marvel team book that could have/ should have disappeared into a sprawling mythology with beloved characters that became a multimedia franchise (that Disney is probably losing a lot of sleep over how to properly exploit).  Chris Claremont didn't introduce me to comics, but he did write comics that hit me like lightning, over and over again, and made me a devoted comics reader - a habit that has lasted 35+ years. While everyone is still young and healthy, a documentary crew put together what is really a remarkable doc explaining what Claremont's X-Men was, why it was so unique in the world of comics, and what eventually broke it.  Including interviews from people who broke it, still totally unaware of what they did 25 years after the fact, still high on their own supply.