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DC Television - "Superman and Lois - Season 1" - that went okay!

Well, that went better than expected.   If you watched, I invite you to jump into the comments. It's hard to wrap up talking about an entire season of a television show, but I can say without reservation that it was considerably better than I figured we'd get.  I've done some due diligence - I watched *most* of Smallville , all of Supergirl to date, several seasons of The Flash , about 2.5 seasons of Legends of Tomorrow , and plenty of crossovers between the shows.   The CW DC shows are great to watch on the elliptical when there's a shortage of O2 headed to your skull, but none of it's working on the level of Watchmen or name-your-prestige-show.   At this point, I've seen some remarkable comics adaptations on TV as well as the movies.  I'm still reeling from what Marvel has delivered on Disney+. I didn't mind that DC and CW were afraid to take on a Superman show.  After all, Superman should be a movie-level property, even if Superman has traditionally

DC Universe Movies! Suicide Squad (2021)

Watched:  08/09/2021 Format:  HBOmax Viewing:  First Decade:  2020's Director:  James Gunn For more ways to listen Jamie and Ryan take on a hastily assembled mission to watch the rebooty sequel to the 2016 disaster, this time with a heavy dose of what they were trying to do in the first place - get that James Gunn vibe. A wild cast lines up as our anti-heroes take a Caribbean tour and DC throws yet more stuff at the wall, utterly unsure of what they're doing, but with the promise of a whole bunch of nonsense looking you in the eye. The Signal Watch PodCast · 157: "The Suicide Squad" (2021) - A Kryptonian Thought-Beast PodCast w/ Jamie and Ryan Music: Folsom Prison Blues , Johnny Cash People Who Died , Jim Carroll Band DC Movies and TV The Signal Watch PodCast · DC Cinema and TV

Marvel Madness: "Thor: Ragnarok" (2017) - #17 in our Avengers Chronological Countdown

Watched:  A while back Format:  Disney+ Viewing:  unknown Decade:  2010's Director:  Taika Watiti For more ways to listen Jamie and Ryan have been displaced in time, but return to podcasting Marvel movies in order! Our conversation is out of this world as we take on a threat that we kind of forgot about - doing this podcast - and it comes back to bite us. Join us as we talk the pivot point for Thor in the Marvel U and Cate Blanchett being sassy as all get-out. The Signal Watch PodCast · 161: "Thor: Ragnarok" (2017) - Avengers Countdown 17 w/ Jamie and Ryan Music: Thor Ragnarok - Mark Mothersbaugh Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin III Marvel Movies PodCasts The Signal Watch PodCast · Avengers Chronological Countdown (w/ Jamie and Ryan) I'm Team Hela