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"WandaVision" (2021) - Marvel Television w/ Jamie and Ryan

Watched:  03/05/2021 Format:  Disney+ Viewing:  First Decade:  2020's Director: Various Creator:   Jac Schaeffer For more ways to listen Jamie and Ryan talk the first of the Marvel DIsney+ programs - a nine episode story that turns the spotlight on everyone's favorite Sakovian and her robot buddy. It's been a social media hot topic for months, so we're going to put it into re-runs and get nostalgic for two terrific Avengers.   The Signal Watch PodCast · 139: "WandaVision" (2021) - Marvel Television Watch w/ Jamie & Ryan Music:   A Newlywed Couple - Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez, WandaVision OST Agatha All Along - Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez,  WandaVision OST Playlist - Avengers/ Marvel: The Signal Watch PodCast · Avengers Chronological Countdown (w/ Jamie and Ryan)

"Superman III" (1983) w/ Stuart, Simon UK and Ryan

Watched:  03/01/2021 Format:  BluRay Viewing:  Unknown Decade:  1980's Director:  Richard Lester Other ways to listen We assemble the finest trio possible to take on the third in the Salkind's Superman franchise - this one inexplicably very heavy on very adult comedian Richard Pryor. It's a future-shock story of the magic of computers and how they can make a Superman a grumpy gus. Join SimonUK, Stuart and Ryan as they get super excited over the sharp turn the franchise took into goofiness.   The Signal Watch PodCast · 140: "Superman III" (1983)- a Kryptonian Thought-Beast Episode w/ SimonUK, Stuart and Ryan Music: Main Title, The Streets of Metropolis - John Williams, Superman III OST The Struggle Within/ Final Victory - John Williams, Superman III OST